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Preventative Health Care and Wellness Exams

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In general, pets today live longer than ever before. Annual exams and preventative health care including balanced nutrition help us to enjoy our pets much longer than we used to be able to.

At Shamrock Animal Hospital, you can be assured that we will treat your pets like the family they are.  


Annual Physical Exams, including Senior Wellness Exams, include a lot more than just vaccinating your pet(s). 

  • Our veterinarians will ask you about any concerns you may have with your pet.
  • We will discuss your pet's travel history and any concerns this may bring up.
  • The annual exam includes a full body physical exam, body condition scoring, and questions targeting different body systems. This will help us identify possible concerns such as kidney disease, diabetes, etc. 
  • We will make sure the diet your pet is on is appropriate for his/her age, body condition, and supportive of potential health issues. 


Individualized vaccination and parasite control programs for your pet(s): 

  • Some vaccines are considered core vaccines and should be given to all pets.
  • Other vaccines are considered optional and may be recommended based on a variety of factors, such as lifestyle, travel habits, and risk of exposure.
  • Vaccine and parasite control recommendations can also change throughout your pet's life.

We continuously update our vaccine protocols to follow the most current recommendations by specialists.


Microchips and tattoos will give your pet a much better chance of coming back home if ever lost.

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