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Surgical Services

Veterinary Surgeries - Spays - Neuters - Orthopedic Surgeries - Bloodwork - MARS - Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, Comox

We offer a wide variety of surgical services including elective surgeries (spay and neuters), soft tissue surgeries (exploratory surgeries, foreign body removals, bladder stone removals, mass removals etc.), orthopedics, and emergency surgeries. Drs. Joan and Pawel perform our orthopedic surgeries including cruciate ligament and fracture repairs.

Our recently added state-of-the art radiosurgery unit allows for superb control of coagulation during surgery and speeds up the removal of small lumps. 

Young female dog and cat patients are spayed using a procedure called an ovariectomy. This is in contrast to the traditional method of sterilizing female dogs and cats, called an ovariohysterectomy. An ovariectomy only removes the ovaries, but leaves the uterus intact. Our decision to make the change in surgical technique is based on research originally coming from Europe where veterinarians have been performing ovariectomies for many years. Studies show no adverse effects from leaving the uterus and only removing the ovaries. The benefits of this procedure include smaller abdominal incisions, shorter anaesthetic times, and less potential for complications. For more information about this procedure, please click here.

For most of our patients, pre-surgical bloodwork is included in our spay and neuter prices. This will let us know of any potential problems prior to the procedure. We also do another immediate pre-surgical assessment of hydration status. Included are also intravenous access and fluid treatment during surgery, as well as an ear tattoo. There is also no extra charge for in-hospital pain medication and pain medication for your pet to go home with.  

We also perform a variety of non-routine surgical procedures including spaying and neutering of rabbits, surgeries on birds and other exotic species such as hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and reptiles. 

We regularly perform surgeries including fracture repairs of wild birds and treatment of birds and other wildlife for Mountain Aire Avian Rescue Society (MARS).

If your companion requires a specialized surgical procedure that is beyond the training of any of our veterinarians, we will refer you a veterinary surgical specialist.