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Digital Radiography, Ultrasound, and ECG

Digital veterinary radiography and ultrasound - Dental radiographs - Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, ComoxAt Shamrock Veterinary Clinic we have state-of-the-art digital radiography (for both dental and regular radiographs) and ultrasound equipment. We have the ability to do radiographs of all body systems from soft tissue and bones to full mouth dental x-rays. We have special rabbit dental x-ray plates to accomodate for the unique confirmation of their mouths. Often you are able to wait while your pet's radiographs are taken. In a few cases, sedation may be required to properly position your pet and have him/her hold still. Digital radiographs have the advantages of rapid image acquisition as well as superb image quality. We can electronically send the images for viewing to a radiology specialist if so indicated - we can have specialist input within an hour or two if needed.

Digital Veterinary Ultrasounds - Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, ComoxUltrasounds are done mostly by Dr. Pawel and on occasion by an ultrasound technician. Dr. Pawel has advanced training in this area. If necessary, the ultrasound images can be electronically transferred to a specialist for further input. Sedation is often required to do a thorough ultrasound scan since your pet's breathing will interfere with acquiring proper images and seeing details.

Veterinary ECG - Cardiopet - Shamrock Veterinary ClinicWe also provide on-site ECG services. Our Cardiopet device lets us electronically transfer the tracings to a cardiologist if needed.