Shamrock Vet Clinic

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Veterinary Anesthesia - Capnograph - Bloodwork - Shamrock Veterinary Clinic, Comox

Shamrock Veterinary Clinic utilizes the safest available anesthetics and sophisticated monitoring equipment to make your pet's anesthesia as safe as possible, providing and extra safety margin, especially for our older and higher risk patients. The patient's vital signs are monitored continuously during all anesthetic procedures.

We have recently added a state-of-the-art capnograph as an additional monitoring device for our anesthetic procedures. This will give us early information of any potential anesthetic complications (as rare as they might be) in our patients.

Included in the cost of any surgery/anaesthesia is additional immediate pre-surgical bloodwork which lets us assess your pet's hydration status - this will let us know whether your pet would benefit from additional intravenous fluids prior to surgery. Should that be necessary, we may postpone the surgery/anesthesia for a few hours to adequately hydrate your pet. There is no additional cost for this.